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Shuotai introduces server radiator thickness selection

Server radiator wall thickness selection and impact of the introduction, whether the radiator is a new purchase, or the replacement of the old server radiator, will involve a problem, that is, the server radiator wall thickness, server radiator wall thickness can affect many problems, we must pay attention to and ask when buying Then, how to choose the thickness of the radiator wall can affect the problem? The following Dongguan Shuotai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. introduces the server radiator let us take a look at it.
Selection and influence of server radiator wall thickness
1. Selection of radiator wall thickness
1. When choosing the wall thickness, you must know that you choose the radiator material, because different radiator material, in the choice of wall thickness, the choice is different.
2. Radiator wall thickness is not optional, the choice of wall thickness, we must know, the family residential district heating water quality, because if the district heating water quality is not good, in the choice of wall thickness, you have to choose thick, if the heating water quality is good, choose wall thickness.
3. When choosing wall thickness, we must know that the district heating is high-pressure heating or low-pressure heating, high-pressure heating on the wall thickness, the requirements are wall thickness to be able to withstand long-term, high-pressure heating pressure, if the wall thickness is thin, can not withstand the explosion and leakage.
Two. Effect of radiator wall thickness
1. wall thickly affected
Server radiator wall thickness in the choice of time, if thick, it will affect the radiator's heat dissipation temperature, in the heat dissipation requirements of the temperature, but also will be much more stringent, while the radiator thick, in the demand for radiator fins, also will increase a lot, which also affects the purchase price of radiators.
2. walls are thick and thin.
If the radiator wall thickness is thin, it is very dangerous, the radiator wall thin, in heating when high-pressure heating, it will easily lead to burst leakage, and if the water quality is complex, the thin radiator will soon be corroded, so that you buy radiator use less than a year.
Well, as you can see above is Dongguan Shuotai Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. service server radiator wall thickness selection and impact of the introduction, I hope to help you.