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How to solve the heat dissipation

How to solve the heat dissipation problem of projector more effectively is a headache. Now Dongguan Shuotai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce:
With the increasing demand for large screen output and the falling price of projectors, people come into contact with projectors more frequently in life. Whether it is for work or for home use, for most users, the projector is still a novice, doing is simply projecting the picture onto the screen or wall, and how to maintain and extend the life of the projector is little known. Among them, the projector is also in great need of maintenance and reasonable use, especially in the heat dissipation, is the most important.
If you put your hands on the radiator fan on the back of the projector after a long period of work, you will obviously feel that there is a constant emission of hot heat. Do you know where the heat comes from? If you don't exclude the heat in time, will you hurt the projector? So how should we take measures to effectively dissipate the radiator of the projector?
Harm of heat to projector
A large amount of heat emitted from the projector imaging system will cause the temperature inside the projector to rise rapidly, while the quartz inside the projector bulb will become impermeable at high temperature, resulting in white spots. Due to the large amount of obstruction of light at the impermeable area, the temperature of the local area will rise abnormally, which will further cause the impermeable area. Enlargement, which makes the luminance decay rapidly, and is likely to cause the bulb to explode. In addition, the physical properties of the chip board inside the projector determine that its working temperature is not allowed to be too high. Once the temperature of other optical components exceeds its endurance range, it will cause damage to optical components. The heat emitted from the power part of the projector will cause the temperature of the power part to be too high, which will lead to the drying of the electrolytic capacitor of the power supply inside the projector, which will lead to the burning of the power switch tube of the projector.
Heat dissipation design of projector
At present, many projectors on the market are heat dissipated by installing fans in the projector to heat the optical imaging system and the power supply of the projector, so that the projector works under the fan, and the interior of the projector will be in a kind of heat. Equilibrium state.
In addition, after long-term use of the projector, also can not immediately cut off the power supply, because at this time the internal temperature is very high, once let the cooling system stop working immediately, the accumulated heat can not be emitted, will also cause damage to the projector. The right thing to do is to turn off the bulb and let the cooling system continue to work for a few minutes until the temperature drops and then turn off the power completely. Some projectors now have delayed shutdown, which automatically shuts down the entire host after the heat dissipation is complete, so the user does not have to wait by the projector for heat dissipation.
Projector radiator is a difficult problem to solve for a while, major manufacturers are actively studying ways to improve, such as improving the fan structure, increasing air supply, reducing the heat of the bulb and so on, I believe that one day, we do not have to worry about the projector heating problem.
Through this brief introduction, do you have a better understanding of the problem of projector radiator?