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How to make the radiator fast

Now many netizens have had such experience, electrical appliances tardy cooling, slow operation, then give everyone a call now how to heat.
Do you know that the way of heat dissipation of the server radiator is the main way to heat the radiator? In thermodynamics, heat dissipation is heat transfer, and there are mainly three ways of heat transfer.
1, thermal radiation refers to the transfer of heat by radiation. The most common form of solar radiation is solar radiation. None of the three modes of heat dissipation is isolated. In the daily heat transfer, these three modes of heat dissipation occur simultaneously and work together.
2. Thermal convection refers to the heat transfer mode in which the flowing fluid (gas or liquid) transfers heat to the tropics. In the heat dissipation system of the computer case, the more common is the "forced thermal convection" heat dissipation mode in which the cooling fan drives the gas flow.
3, heat conduction, thermal convection and thermal radiation. The transfer of energy is called heat conduction either by matter itself or when it comes into contact with matter. This is the most common form of heat transfer. For example, the way that CPU heat sink base contacts directly with CPU and takes away heat is heat conduction.
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