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Heat of projector radiator

Where does the heat of the projector radiator come from? I believe you are all curious about where the heat comes from and where it comes from. Today, Dongguan Shuotai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. talks about this problem with people.
When the projector radiator works for a long time, you can try putting your hand on the radiator fan on the back of the projector, and you will feel a hot heat coming out and a little hot. Do you know where the heat comes from? The following paragraphs will give you an explanation of these questions.
As we all know, projector radiator is generally composed of projection imaging system and optical amplification system. Projection signal is usually transformed into image signal by special processing of imaging technology of projector radiator, and then amplified by optical amplification system of projector, then projection signal can be projected with high quality and high definition. It's on the big projection screen.
When projector imaging technology processes projection input signal, the projector needs a high intensity of brightness, to ensure such a high intensity of brightness output, projector radiator must use high-power light source, and high-power light source in a long time, it is bound to accumulate a lot of heat, these heat accumulation in the investment. In a fist-sized space of the radiator, such concentrated heat and such powerful power are bound to diffuse to the outside of the radiator.
In addition to the projector radiator imaging system can produce a lot of heat when working, the projector radiator switching power supply can also emit a lot of heat when working, so we think that the projector power supply is another important source of heat projector; projector internal power supply to the projector assumes the projector electrical and mechanical power supply. According to the special requirements of projection, the projection bulb must always work in a stable state to ensure a good projection effect of the projector radiator. From this point of view, the power supply of the projector radiator must adopt the method of proportional pulse width modulation. The power switches and transformers used in the projector power supply will work at higher frequencies. The power switches will naturally generate considerable switching losses during frequent operation, and these losses will be transferred to heat emission. To increase the temperature inside the projector.
In addition, the projector radiator used by the power supply is limited by the size of the projector itself, the size of the power supply part is also very small, so the switch power generated more concentrated heat. In addition, in order to achieve a high projection brightness, people must use more power projection bulbs, the projector is currently generally used metal halogen bulbs, UHE bulbs, UHP bulbs, these three light sources, these bulbs have a common feature of high heat, high requirements for the projector cooling system, the light emitted by the bulb passes through the light After the system converges, it converges on the liquid crystal board. Although it has undergone UV / IR coating, cold reflector and other infrared filtering measures, but there is still a lot of heat concentrated in the liquid crystal board, polarizer and other small-area devices.
In short, the heat of the radiator of the projector comes mainly from the imaging system inside the projector, the power supply of the radiator and the projection bulb. The heat of the three parts is very large. If these heat is not discharged from the projector in time, the excess heat will make the projector. Internal high temperature, high temperature, projector radiator work efficiency will be low, and for a long time, the projector radiator service life will be greatly shortened.