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1. During the heating period, there may be air inside the radiator of the projector, which will affect the heat dissipation effect. It should be discharged in time, and the air running knob should be screwed by hand or special tools to make the air inside the radiator empty, and the knob can be tightened until there is water flowing out.
2. The water quality of radiator heating system of projector must meet the national standard (PH value should be controlled between 7-9).
3. the radiator should be operated according to the predetermined standard working pressure (usually 4-6Mpa).
4. during heating or non heating season, radiator must not be short of water and water, and must be full of water. 5. The water inside the radiator of the projector must not freeze, otherwise the radiator will be deformed, cracked and damaged.
6. it is strictly prohibited to use industrial waste water, high pressure steam and micro acid and micro base solution as heat sources to keep warm.
7. The main pipe valve must be shut off before boiler pickling to prevent acid and alkali from entering the pipe and radiator, causing corrosion to the pipe and projector radiator system.
8. The radiator of projector should be cleaned with wet soft cloth or brush in daily cleaning. It is forbidden to use solvent and solution containing corrosive elements to clean the radiator surface so as not to damage it.
9. During use, other objects should be prevented from hitting or scratching the radiator of the projector. In case of local small area peeling, peeling and scratching, the same color paint should be used to repair in time to avoid large area damage.