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What does the card radiator

Although there are many kinds of common graphics card radiators on the market, they are composed of the following parts: radiator, heat pipe, fan.
Heat sink
Heat sink is an essential component of air-cooled radiator. Its main function is to store heat and increase the heat dissipation area. In the course of development, heat sink is gradually divided into two kinds: ordinary heat sink and thin fin. The former mainly appears in the middle and low-end graphics cards, and thin fins are often used with heat pipes, mostly in high-end graphics cards.
heat pipe
The core of graphics card has a lot of heat and high temperature, but it only uses the fin or the fin itself to transfer heat, and the speed is very slow, so there is a relatively high temperature difference between the fin and the core. At this time, people transfer heat from the core to the fin rapidly through the heat pipe. Heat pipe is the fastest heat transfer component, using heat pipe heat conduction, than relying solely on metal heat conduction at least a dozen times faster.
The fan is a very important part of the air-cooled radiator. Fans rely on rotation to make airflow, and the airflow can accelerate the heat away from the heat sink. Therefore, fan volume, speed, and noise have become the concerns of many players. Fans affect noise, if the noise control becomes a dilemma: both to set a high enough fan speed to ensure air volume and heat dissipation; and in order to control noise, let the graphics card fan speed as low as possible. This fully tests the ability of manufacturers to design products and control heat dissipation. Such as Tudor Gura.