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In today's society, electronic devices are being developed more and more. In people's lives, there are more electronic devices. That is to say, it seems that no electricity in our life will have a great impact on our lives. Indeed, the pace of progress in modern society is very fast, and great changes have taken place in all aspects. There are more and more kinds of electronic equipment, but at the same time, it is found that electronic equipment has such a shortcoming. With the increase of the running time, the heat of the electronic equipment is more and more. If the correct way of heat dissipation is not adopted, not only the progress of the project will be delayed, but also the parts will be burned down and the service life will be reduced.
Therefore, various types of projector heaters are beginning to appear. Radiators, power radiators and so on have appeared one after another, of course, in order to meet the use of radiators in different occasions, for the same kind of radiators, using different materials. Projector radiator has such advantages: light weight, can be assembled in accordance with applicable occasions. Personality and controllability need. But the material is different, the principle of corrosion resistance is different.
Although projector radiators have strong anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, alkali corrosion and chloride ion corrosion are easy to occur. Therefore, if the PH value of the water in the heating system is greater than 7, that is to say, it is alkaline, or has more chloride ions, it will cause the radiator of the projector to be corroded, thus leaking. Therefore, the radiator of the projector reminds consumers. Compared with other common metals, aluminum alloys are very active and are prone to electrochemical corrosion. So try to avoid the projector radiator and other materials mixed together, which is also one of the reasons to avoid radiator leakage.