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Features of notebook radiator

1, all corners of radiator panels have fine chamfering, which will not bring scratches to the books.
2. A reasonable slope setting is more comfortable when using books.
3. Long-term use of notebooks, cooling will become a logical thing, the mainstream notebooks due to the continuous increase in frequency, long-term use of temperature is also getting higher and higher. In order to better protect their love, Ben really needs to cool down. The cooling pad can help our books away from the pain of high temperature and ensure the normal operation of the books.
4. Blow the heat out of the notebook directly at the bottom of the notebook, and introduce cold air to increase the air flow at the bottom of the notebook.
5, the heating elements inside the computer are all dissipating heat, effectively keeping the internal low temperature working environment.
The USB power supply is designed to connect directly to the notebook USB interface without adding sockets and other devices.
6. The radiator speed of a single fan is not very big, but definitely does not mean that the cooling effect is not good, because it is a single super-large fan, fan speed is a constant value set by the manufacturer after testing, such speed can achieve the best balance between fan life and cooling effect, the effect of this radiator should be one. Long term results obtained by individual customers.