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  1. radiator material determines success or failure.
  In the last two years, notebook radiators have become more and more diverse, but the ensuing chaos is also a mix of fish and dragon. So when choosing, the most important thing is the material of notebook radiator. At present, miscellaneous products usually use plastic materials, not only poor thermal conductivity, but also unreasonable shape design. Relatively speaking, the aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity will be used in the famous brand products, and its heat dissipation effect is satisfactory. In addition, we should also pay attention to whether the edge of the radiator is smooth and whether the surface of the radiator is skid-proof. Otherwise, if you scratch your hand, or if your notebook "slides" down the radiator, you're not worth it.
  2. radiator fans are really annoying.
  The notebook radiator is usually designed with two or three fans. The cooling effect is mainly determined by the air flow generated by the fan, not the number of fans. So when choosing a notebook radiator, you should not blindly believe in the design of three fans. Sometimes the design of two fans is better. The ideal solution is to take your own notebook and experience it for yourself, so you can buy the most suitable product. In addition, it should be noted that some double fan design will have a stronger heat dissipation effect, because the fan speed is increased to achieve. What follows is the obvious noise. Therefore, users must pay special attention to radiator noise when purchasing. Only when there is no obvious noise in a quiet environment is it suitable for users to purchase. 3. the external power supply of the radiator is more flexible.
  Most laptop radiators will be powered by USB, which is still very convenient. However, if you use USB power when using batteries, it may lead to laptop power shortage lead to shorter laptop life, or occupy a valuable USB interface, unable to connect to other devices. So theoretically, it's best to buy notebook radiators with external power supply. This allows USB power to be used when there is an external power supply or when there is no need to connect multiple USB devices, while external power is used when the notebook is working at heavy loads or when multiple USB devices need to be connected. Not only is it more flexible, it also does not affect the use of other USB devices.
  4. more adjustable speed radiator.
  The noise of the fan is unavoidable, but it can reduce the noise by reducing the speed. In the days when the weather is not too hot, the notebook radiator with speed control function is more popular. At present, the fan of notebook radiator usually has three stages of speed regulation: high, medium and low gear. Just like an electric fan, it adjusts as the temperature varies. When choosing the radiator, you should try to buy products with speed control function. Besides, notebook radiator with software control and automatic monitoring can also be considered more.
  5. choose the outlet radiator carefully.
  In addition to the base type radiator, the PC card radiator has also appeared on the market. The radiator can be inserted directly into the socket of the PC card of the notebook, and the fan is rotated to exhaust air outward to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling of the notebook. However, due to the different internal design, this radiator is not suitable for all notebooks. If forced, it will disturb the internal air convection, resulting in high fever inside the notebook, so this radiator only miscellaneous products. In addition, there is a similar shape with its air outlet radiator, this radiator is also outward air, but installed in the notebook air outlet, so the direction of the air flow can be consistent with the notebook, so you can consider.
  6. "Higher" notebooks can also improve the heat dissipation of the notebook because of the need for radiators, mainly because the bottom of the air flow is not smooth. So there is also a  notebook pad in the market, which can also be considered as a special radiator. After using the footpad, the notebook is "heightened" and the distance from the desktop is much larger. The bottom air is easier to circulate, and the problem of heat dissipation has been solved.