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Dongguan Coolsolte Electronic Technology co. LTD. is a professional radiator design and development, production and sales company. The company's product line mainly includes: display equipment (Monitor, TV, one machine) radiator, computer (CPU, GPU) radiator, projector radiator, server radiator and so on. Now it has established the supporting service relationship with the mainstream manufacturers in the industry. The company has strong design and production capabilities to provide customers with comprehensive OEM, ODM services. Now we have more than 10 R&D team, which can provide customers with comprehensive 3D modeling, thermal simulation and other design and analysis services; with a variety of professional production equipment; with the annual production capacity of 5 million aluminum, copper and special materials fins. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification. Welcome new and old OEM, ODM customers to come to discuss cooperation matters.